GB Architect Inc. is a full service Architectural firm located in Stratford, Ontario. 

Work experience is a broad scope which includes private lodges, golf facilities, arenas & rinks, assembly buildings, churches, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, public buildings and multi-use facilities. 

Construction value has exceeded $40 million within the past ten years. 

We practice architecture in a multitude of methods. We ‘fit in’ well as a member of a team approach to construction and design. We also provide full service. Our services and fees are directly related to the preference of our Client, and specifically tailored to suit each individual project. 

Our professional fee structure is extremely competitive and calculated based solely on the scope of work needed to successfully complete a project. We have no reservations to provide our Clients full access to our accounting, fee structure and calculations. 
We are extremely comfortable working within construction management, project management, and standard general contractor project scenarios.

GB Architect Inc. can act as a single consultant for your architectural needs, or can retain other consultants (structural, M./E., civil, acoustic, landscape, interior design, etc.) and act as the prime consultant for a project.